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The Best Exercise Bikes For Keeping Trail-Ready At Home

Not traveling for a while? These fitness rides can keep your legs warm for when that day finally comes.

Between poor weather conditions and keeping your bike ride-ready, having an effective, indoor alternative to your regular biking routine is key for both training, competitive athletes and casual fitness-lovers alike. Even if you're just getting started, an indoor bike is a comfortable way of starting a proper fitness routine.

Schwinn bike
Take a seat and feel the burn. | Schwinn

A proper indoor bike should test you and make you sweat, even in the comfort of your own AC. These bikes aren't just meant to warm up; they're meant for full, proper workouts, too.

Exercise bike
Like to make excuses for not having the time? Never again. | Exerpeutic

Working while working out has never been easier. Some indoor bikes come with both a comfortable chair and a table akin to ones you'll find on airplane seats (but better).

yosuda bike
New styles are high-priced and digital-focused, but the core of the sport is what matters. | YOSUDA

Some bikes are clearly meant for the competitor in mind. If you're looking for an indoor bike to match your bike's style and handlebars, there's a model for you.

Dmasun bike
Young or old, everyone can break a sweat without leaving the house. | DMASUN

From adjusting their intensity and pathing challenges to recording your own vitals, some bikes simply come with more to offer. For those seeking to upgrade their indoor bikes, there are more valuable options that are sure to pique your interest.

desk bike
Not every ride is a race. Some are more casual than others. | FLEXISPOT

There's nothing wrong with a casual bike. When it comes down to it, sometimes a casual workout is all that can be afforded, and a casual workout is still better than no workout.