Best Gifts for Flamingo Fans

Check out our list of the best gifts you can find for your flamingo-fanatic friends.


January 16, 2020
Flamingo gifts
10 Gifts for Flamingo Fans Amazon

With their long, shockingly skinny legs (can’t skip leg day) and vibrant pink coat, flamingos stand out (no pun intended) from other birds in the crowd –– or the flock, in this case. From their unique look to their picturesque aesthetic, it’s no wonder these birds have garnered such a fandom.

So, whether you’re looking to spruce up a tropical-setting backyard or find a gift for your flamingo-fanatic friend, read on for our list of the best flamingo gifts.

Flamingo modeling decor lamp

Flamingo lamp Amazon

Standing at just under a foot tall, this light-up flamingo lamp is the perfect decoration piece for a tropical island-themed party. Allow it to subtly illuminate an otherwise dark area. One of the best flamingo items can also be used for as a children’s desk lamp or a small, decorative piece in the kitchen. The flamingo lamp takes two AA batteries [that are not included].


Flamingo Lunch Bag

Flamingo lunch bag
Flamingo Lunch Bag Amazon

Take your lunch in style, you flamingo fanboy/girl. This lunch bag comes in one of four designs, including a light-turquoise flamingo design. It is 11 (length) by 6 (width) by 8 (height) inches, and DIIG, its manufacturer, says it can fit two food containers, snacks, fruits, drinks and sandwiches. There’s also a small pocket on the outside to hold items like keys, a phone or utensils.

On its interiors, there is 5-millimeter-thick heavy foam between the top fabric and the inner layer, helping keep food warm or cold. It weighs less than a pound and is easily foldable for convenient packaging, making it one of the best flaming-gift ideas.

Flamingo Pillowcase

Flamingo Pillowcase
Flamingo Pillowcase Amazon

You can’t call yourself a flamingo fan unless you’re also living that lifestyle. What better place to show off your flamingo fandom than in the living room. Get these pillowcases for couch pillows in your most frequented, commonplace room.


They’re sold in packs of two and are either 18 by 18 inches or 20 by 20 inches. It’s made of 100% Dutch velvet and does not include the pillow itself. These cases’ look is seamless, as Ao Lei uses an invisible zipper to complete what the manufacturer calls “an elegant look.” Pillow sold separately.

Flamingo-Patterned Tervis Tumbler

Flamingo Tervis water bottle
Flamingo Tervis water bottle Amazon

Keep your rum punch cold and condensation-free in this 24-ounce Tervis flamingo water bottle. Or you can do the adult thing and fill it with water to stay hydrated, but what fun is that?

This flamingo-patterned Tervis tumbler can hold 16 ounces of liquid and will help keep your drink cool or warm, making it one of the best pieces of flamingo merchandise. It’s also BPA-free, and microwave-/dishwasher-safe. So, keep your rum punch cold, and never worry about condensation again when you pick up this flamingo-themed tumbler.


Flamingo-Themed Bed Sheets

Flamingo sheets Amazon

Comfy sheets can be the difference between a good night’s rest and unruly tossing and turning. For flamingo fans, fall into a deep slumber knowing your favorite birds are cooing you to sleep (if you’ve heard a flamingo, the “coo” is anything but soothing). Each set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases (only one pillowcase for the twin set), and you can purchase the set for twin, full, queen and king beds. The sheets can fit a bed that goes 17 inches deep.

Flamingo Tote Bag

tote bag
Flamingo Tote Bag Amazon

Head to the beach touting your favorite bird on your favorite tote bag. This bag has a unique design, using a hemp-rope handle that looks like it belongs near the water. The bag is 22 (length) by 6 (width) by 14 (height) inches. Its interior lining is made of waterproof material, and there’s also a zippered inside pocket for keys, phones and other valuables (note: The bag itself, specifically the exterior, is not waterproof).

Flamingo Picnic Mat/Beach Towel

Flamingo towel
Flamingo towel Amazon

Show off your love for flamingos in one of the most public places you can be: the beach. This rounded flamingo beach towel has a diameter of 59 inches and can comfortably fit two people. It also weighs just over a pound, so transporting this towel is relatively hassle-free.


Don’t just take it to the beach, though. You can also use this at as house decor, for picnics in the park or for flamingo-themed yoga (try Vrikshasana to emulate your favorite bird).

Flamingo Wine Bottle Holder

Flamingo wine bottle holder
Flamingo wine bottle holder Amazon

If you love wine as much as you love flamingos, this is the perfect item that isn’t already in your kitchen. This wine bottle holder can accommodate one standard wine bottle. Perhaps its an emulation of what you’d like to do after a long day of work.

Bottle Opener
Flamingo Bottle Opener Amazon

Crack open a cold one in style with one of these flamingo key-chain bottle-openers. You can buy them in singles or in packs of six, 24, 50 and 100, making it one of the best and most affordable flamingo-themed gifts. They’re 3.1 by 2.2 by 0.2 inches and are made from anodized premium aluminum.


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