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The Best Head And Neck Pillows For Road Trips

Ward off the stiff neck blues on your next vacation.

Falling asleep while traveling can be easier said than done. Cramped seating, awkward politics of seat reclining, and uncomfortable headrests can prevent even the most hardened of travelers from getting any rest. Of course, most frequent travelers have already invested in a decent neck pillow, which helps keep your head upright and cozy, making it easy to drift off to dreamland.

But these handy pillows aren't just for flights—they work perfectly for staying comfortable during road trips, as well. So before embarking on your next great American getaway, consider these options that are ideal for the whole family.

neck cushion for car seat
Travel a lot? Lock and load one so it's always there for you. | Amazon

Pillows on each side of this headrest can be rotated 180 degrees, for a full 360 degrees of total movement to keep you comfy on even the longest road trips. When not using, simply lift the pillow up to save space.

vibro comf
If you're a regular road trip sleeper then you better do what's best for you. | Amazon

Literally keep your chin up with an ergonomic pillow that prevents your head from slumping forward, with an adjustable rope lock that provides maximum neck support. Luxury memory foam filler helps cushion the body and relieves painful pressure points for ultimate relaxation.

Neck snug
This is an instance when it's okay to be selfish, because you shouldn't share this with anyone. | Amazon

Achieve perfect comfort with a memory foam neck pillow that molds around your nose and face, using special bulges to provide a complete light block. Best of all, it won't take up much space in your carryon bag or car—as the included compact carry bag allows it to compress to the size of a football.

neck pillow
Even if you're just sitting on the couch, don't be afraid to bust it out. | Amazon

This versatile travel pillow is ideal for at home or on the road, as the twistable memory foam can be used to support your head, back, shoulder, or cervical spine. Experience unparalleled comfort, whether you're watching TV, napping, or traveling.

neck pillow for travel
For the most important cargo on any road trip. | Amazon

Keep your toddler's head from slumping on flights and road trips with this children's' travel pillow that provides optimal head, neck, and chin support. Breathable, cotton pique fabric will keep your kids sweat-free and it is 100 percent washable for those inevitable spills or car sickness.