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The Best Laptop Cases For Workations

When you’re bringing your home office to paradise, you’ll need a bag that covers all your bases.

You've seen the TV shows and movies with the important businessmen and businesswomen with their suitcases. Now it's your turn to emanate those boss-like feelings with your own equivalent of a laptop case. Here are the best laptop cases to consider ahead of your next vacation or work trip.

solo walker
From the wheels to the beautiful material, a bag that turns heads is always a good choice. | Solo

A good laptop case for the road is one that'll check off all the behind-the-scenes boxes, but the stylish ones are the ones that go above and beyond. Consider a high-quality laptop case that takes care of your valuable computer while also working in style.

Laptop case
When you travel light and fast, don't be bogged down by excess cargo. | Amazon

When simplicity is all you need, there are laptop cases that will get the job done. Sometimes all you need is a couple pouches and a main slot for your laptop that keeps it snug and protected.

messenger bag
Between the unknowns of an airplane's cargo space, the loading and unloading, and visiting somewhere tropical, your bag is very likely going to be exposed to water. | Ytonet

Laptop cases can sometimes double as a mini suitcase, too, depending on where you might be traveling to. Expand some of the pockets and squeeze a couple more pieces of clothing for your next trip.

targus bag
Dedicated sleeves and extra padding will always go a long way with peace of mind. | Targus

As lightweight as laptop cases are supposed to be, the laptop itself (along with its bevy of accessories, like a charger, for example) can weigh down the bag significantly. That's why it's important to make sure your bag is comfortable, no matter the payload.

Gucci bag
Never pass on the opportunity to combine big style with your work gear. | Gucci

When it comes down to it, a laptop bag isn't meant to be anything too cumbersome. It should slip on over your shoulder and serve as an auxiliary piece of luggage or even, perhaps, the sole piece of luggage on a short trip. Whatever you're looking for, there's bound to be a laptop case for you.