The Best Laptop Cooling Pads For When Work Brings You Outside

Keep your lap and laptop happy with these cooling pads.

Everyone knows that ominous whirr of fans when a laptop starts straining to do all we demand of it. And if you're working outside, the heat can make life that much more complicated for your laptop. Here's why a cooling pad is a must have when you're working outdoors.

laptop pad
A laptop pad or mat is only as good as its ability to keep the laptop from sliding off. | Amazon

Laptop cooling pads work by putting multiple fans under your laptop's heat sink, pulling hot air away from the bottom and diverting it away from your lap at the same time.

laptop pad
When a laptop pad is also designed to enhance the user's experience, it's a very pleasant bonus. | Amazon

Try out each pad for its specific use angle; as it elevates laptops up and away from your lap, you may find some angles better to use than others.

laptop stand
Gamers on the go will especially need to keep their laptops cool, so a third fan will do the trick. | Amazon

Both metal and plastic have their benefits, with metal being sturdier and plastic being lighter, so try both and see which better suits your work life.

Quiet pad
Even solo travelers don't want a noisy fan that drowns out a Netflix movie or a work call. | Amazon

Fan noise is also a factor to consider, as the small fans in a cooling pad are generally very quiet. Try a few out to get a sense of the noise level.

major cooler
When you live your life on the laptop, the biggest, most powerful cooling pad will be just as important as the computer. | Amazon

If you'll be using your laptop for more than just work, such as gaming or watching movies, get a cooling pad with a varying angle you can use.