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Best Laptops For First Time Business Travelers

Heading on a work trip for the first time? Bring the right computer for completing all your tasks.

Embarking on your first business trip does not have to be a daunting endeavor when you choose the right laptop. Models today come in a number of compact sizes ideal for stowing in a pocket of your messenger bag or backpack—without having to sacrifice performance.


A laptop that's both versatile and professional should be able to help you put those last-minute touches on a project in the airport lounge, serve as your in-flight entertainment, and then power through a presentation when you arrive at your destination.

The only thing it can't do is press your suit or dress for you!

Samsung laptop
The ability to switch from laptop to tablet with the same device is a huge advantage for traveling professionals. | Samsung

Those looking for a lightweight, compact laptop that won't weigh you down on the go, look no further than this model that weighs in at just under three pounds. Simply fold into tablet mode for added ease of use, with a built-in pen that allows you to write, sketch, edit, magnify, and more.

Acer laptop
The last thing you want when working from poolside or in a beach cabana is to squint to read your emails. | Acer

See colors come alive on a 15.6-inch Full HD IPS display with a narrow-bezel design that offers more real estate for amazing images. Don't let the slim size fool you, because the AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Mobile Processor can tackle virtually any project.

Pavilion laptop
Once you've completed your important work, what's better than kicking back and enjoying the views while listening to your favorite podcasts or playlists? | HP

This versatile powerhouse adapts from a laptop to tablet, stand, or tent modes that let you draw, take notes, and more while feeling as natural as pen on paper. The solid Wi-Fi 6 connection combined with a wide-vision HD webcam and dual-array microphone takes video calls and meetings to the next level. It's the next best thing to being in the same room!

Lenovo laptop
The key to poolside work video conferences is changing your backdrop so no one knows you're at a resort. | Lenovo

Get more done faster, on several applications at once, thanks to a multi-core processing power that offers incredible bandwidth. Power mobile processors deliver optimal performance to handle everything from your most crucial projects to everyday tasks

HP laptop
Most importantly, you'll want a device that does a lot of everything. | HP

This compact, 15-inch laptop has all the essential features you need for a productive workday at home or in the office. Dual-array microphones and advanced noise reduction software provide crystal clear sound whether you need to video chat or record.