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Best Gifts For Mermaid Fans

Look at this mermaid stuff; isn’t it neat? Complete the collection of the girl who has everything with these magical mermaid gifts.

Mermaids are the stuff of marine fantasy, and that fantasy has existed for centuries. Contemporarily popularized by Disney's the Little Mermaid, these fantastical beings have been sweetening and sometimes haunting the dreams of sailors, pirates and fisherman. With the fanaticism that already surrounds the ocean lifestyle, it's no wonder mermaids have become so popular.


Straighten your seashell bra, and get ready to shop for mermaid stuff. From tails to tables, we've rounded up a list of the best gifts for the mermaid lovers in your life.

Mermaid duvet cover

Have a child who wants to fall into a slumber and make his or her mermaid dreams a reality? This mermaid duvet cover will get him or her as close as possible. It's made of 100% high-quality cotton and comes with a matching pillowcase. In 2017, Oprah Winfrey said this was one of her favorite items.


Mermaid side table

Help complete your mermaid cave with this mermaid side table from Design Toscano. This table uses real crushed stone that's bonded with durable designer resin. It's hand-painted and has a pencil-edged round glass top with a 16-inch diameter. Altogether, this side table is about 21 pounds.


Mermaid kitchen towel

Express your displeasure about not being a mermaid with this kitchen towel that says all that needs to be said: "Kinda pissed about not being a mermaid." It's made of 100% cotton and is a 28-inch square.


Mermaid cap

Going to the beach and need a little extra shade before you return home into the ocean? Take along this KATYDID mermaid hat that proudly reads across the front, "Mermaid hair don't care." It's a one-size-fits-most hat with an adjustable velcro tab. The bill is curved, and it has a mesh back for breathability.


Mermaid glass cups

For you and your mermaid partner in crime, these two handmade glass cups are ideal for the mermaid lovers in your life. The material is high-quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Each glass can hold approximately 100 mL and holds liquids from -20 degrees to 180 degrees.


Mermaid tail blanket

Feel like a true mermaid, but do so in warmth and in the comfort of your own home with this mermaid tail blanket. It's 74 by 35 inches of expert, handmade crochet skills, crafting a breathable and comfortable blanket for most conditions. This mermaid tail blanket can come in one of six colors.


Mermaid sleeveless t-shirt

Ever feel like just leaving the surface and being where you feel you belong? This sleeveless t-shirt won't help with that, but it'll at least inaudibly notify people around you that you're ready to simply not be here. This shirt reads, "I want to be where the people are not," referencing The Little Mermaid. It's made of a cotton blend that's breathable and soft. You can purchase this shirt in small, large, extra-large or double-extra large sizes.

Mermaid Bangle Bracelet
Mermaid Bangle Bracelet | Amazon

Whenever you need a quick reminder of your mermaid fandom and what it means to be a mermaid, you can simply look down at your wrist with this mermaid accessory on hand (no pun intended). Reading, "be a mermaid and make waves," this bracelet is made of lead- and nickel cadmium-free stainless steel.

Mermaid lunch bag

They say you are what you eat, but, in this case, your lunch bag shows what you wish you could be. This mermaid lunch bag is made of non-toxic insulation and PVC-free material. It measures out at 12.6 by 9.84 inches and can be folded or flattened when not being used. There are soft-grip handles and a zipper. This lunch bag will keep your food warm (or cold) for up to four hours, the manufacturer says.


Mermaid wall art

There's nothing that says you're into mermaids like wall art. This piece is made of resin and measures out at 13 by 9.5 x 4 inches. In addition to indoor decorations, this wall art can also be placed outside (be sure to treat with a clear, protective poly spray every six months).