The Best Mesh WiFi Routers For Your Vacation Rental

Your guests will rave over the easy connectivity and fast internet service.

WiFi has become a necessity in vacation rentals but getting signal into every nook and cranny is tough. Fortunately, mesh routers can solve that problem by creating a network of nodes in your rental. Here's why they're a must add.

mesh force
What's great about routers with multiple satellites is that they aren't eyesores like classic plug-and-play WiFi extenders. | Amazon

While you'll need to check if a certain brand will work with your cable or FiOS modem, at this point most of them are platform-agnostic.

orbi network
With over 5,000-sq. ft. of coverage, your guest will enjoy high-speed internet from the living room to the patio. | Amazon

The node technology is simple to install and usually comes in discreet styles that can easily be mounted or tucked away anywhere near an outlet.

Even if guests just want to fall asleep to a movie, they can utilize voice technology to request their favorite titles. | Amazon

Many are also compatible with voice assistants, so if you've wired up your rental as a smart home, this will allow you to extend that virtual butler further.

You might not think about things like parental controls and virus blocking on vacation, but they're still crucial aspects. | Amazon

Since they're always connected, and "reinforce" each other, the nodes automatically update themselves; once they're plugged in, you can use apps to check on them.

nova mesh system
Some mesh systems can support as many as 60 devices. Hey, you never know what your guests are bringing. | Amazon

And since they form a network where traffic hands off between nodes, large groups can connect all their devices without problems.