The Best Minimalist Backpacks For Light Travel

Compact, light backpacks are the way to go when traveling by plane or taking a weekend road trip.

It doesn't matter if you're traveling to another state or simply taking a short car ride a few hours away to another city: If you're traveling with more than one suitcase, a small, minimalist backpack is the most viable option to carry any supplemental items you might need readily available access to on the plane. Here are the best ones you should consider purchasing before your next trip.

Depending on which devices you're packing, the size of backpack you will need might vary. | Amazon

Nowadays, when you're flying, you're likely to bring a travel-sized laptop or tablet with you for either entertainment or work. Sometimes that's all you need for a relatively short, two-hour flight. Other times, you might need to carry a little more. So, be conscious of what your needs for each flight when deciding which travel-sized backpack you'll buy.

rugged backpack
Don't be fooled by a basic backpack. They can take a beating. | Amazon

You also want a backpack that isn't going to get damaged easily or dirtied when on a plane that's been used by millions of people. Decide on an option that provides comfort for your back, space for your stuff and quality for protection.

The most important thing is to make sure your backpack is comfortable. | Amazon

When you choose your backpack, don't forget to check its availability of pockets and zippers. It's all about access, when flying or driving for long distances. Fumbling around, trying to figure out which pocket has the item you're looking for zipping and unzipping constantly can be frustrating and, for lack of a better term, annoying in cramped spaces.