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The Best, Most Stylish Bags For A Ladies' Weekend

Look your best with your besties no matter where you travel.

Part of getting away with the girls is showing off your newest and favorite outfits. Those vacay, travel-blog pics won't be the same once you get your hands on one of these best, most stylish bags for a ladies' weekend.

Vera Bradley bag
Looking good and feeling good are great, but you'll also love knowing that all your gear fits nicely and safely. | Vera Bradley

A proper stylish bag, first and foremost, starts with its look and design. Make sure you find a bag that fits not only your style but also your energy.

Gucci bag
Sometimes the best accessory is unlimited confidence. | Gucci

Being on vacation means being in foreign places and away from home; being away from home means accidents could happen. Make sure you bring along a bag that's cute but also one that can handle any minor incidents.

Kate Spade bag
Traveling with the kids? Carry their important gear, too. Leaving them at home? Extra space for you. | Kate Spade

In any travel situation, whether it's with your girlfriends or even just a solo getaway, comfort is important. Make sure you find a bag that won't cause you shoulder soreness over an extensive period of time.

Louis Vuitton bag
If you care about having accessories that will set you apart from the crowd, start with something that is almost one of a kind. | Louis Vuitton

Any time you're going on a trip, you need to make sure you have enough space: space for shoes, space for jewelry, space for accessories. The last thing you want to happen is that you're not able to fit that favorite pair of shoes.

Michael Kors bag
Getting away for a night or the weekend, find something that guarantees space for the things that matter most. | Michael Kors

When it comes traveling with your girlfriends, it's ultimately all about moving in style without sacrificing comfort. No matter the style of bag, comfort, above all else, is paramount. After all, you're on vacation.