Best Space-Saves Packing Devices Of 2022

Fit the most in your suitcase with these space-savers.

Luggage is a lot like life; you only get out of it what you can fit into it, and sometimes you have to make hard decisions about what you're going to cram in there. Fortunately, unlike life, it's a lot easier to make space in your luggage with the right space savers.

Flat as Can Be

Compression storage bags are best for when you need to fit a lot of clothes into one bag. Our clothes are mostly air, so when you put them in the bag, and squish them, you force the air out, saving a lot of space. Look for bags with a "one-way" valve so that you don't need to borrow a vacuum to knock the wind out of your shirts.

Be a Square

Next, get organized with packing cubes. Fitting everything into your luggage is often about spatial relations; stuff that seems impossible to fit will slide right in when perfectly arranged. Packing cubes both help you arrange your stuff by cube and give you regular, even shapes to work with, so you're not hoping you can fit another pair of socks under that toiletry kit.

Roll It Out

Use rolling organizers to keep cords, trinkets, and other various and sundry items both handy and out of the way. Anybody who's had to drag along an entire power substation for all the phones, tablets, and computers a family brings knows that half the battle is keeping their accessories from disappearing. Keeping them all in one place, in something that rolls up and fits in a carry-on, will limit dead phones and temper tantrums while leaving more room in your carry-on.