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The Best Pet Carriers For Bringing Man's Best Friend On Airplanes

Your dog always deserves to fly first class.

Every year, millions of pets travel aboard airlines, as people are becoming increasingly more likely to bring their dogs and cats—the latter, albeit to a lesser degree—with them when they travel. As such, pet carrier manufacturers are now making products specifically geared to be airline-approved, for the convenience and the safety of your pets. Here are a few great options for anyone looking to travel with their best friend in tow.

Designed for Your Pet’s Comfort

Airline seating may still be the worst, but at least your pet can still travel in style and comfort with an airline-approved carrier that comes complete with a removable fleece bed. Mesh windows provide ample ventilation to let your furry friend breathe fresh air and enjoy the view, while a discreet backdoor zipper allows you to give pets and comfort along the journey. For car trips, seat belt loops allow the carrier to be buckled into the car seat, ensuring both the comfort and safety of your pet.


Multiple Openings for Stress-Free Entry

Getting your pet into its carrier is often half the battle, so why not choose a carrier that has convenient front and top openings, for effortless entry and stress-free loading. Zipper closure on the front and double zippers on the top keep the carrier securely closed during transport. The soft design with a spring-wire frame is adaptable for fitting under the seats of most major airlines, to give you peace of mind while traveling.


Extra Room for Your Pet to Stretch Out

When embarking on long trips, give your beloved friend the space they need with a carrier featuring dual-sided expandable design, allowing for extra room to move around while providing increased air circulation. With four entrances, it's easier than ever to get your cat or dog in and out, especially with a top zipper entrance that even lets your pet pop its head out to say hello while on the go.