The Best Plug Adapters For World Travelers

These accessories are essential for keeping your electronics charged overseas.

Sometimes, the worst part about arriving in a new country is not realizing you need an adapter to charge all your electronics because the outlets use different voltages and don't provide space for the appropriate prongs. And, in today's world that's so dependent on our connectivity via mobile devices, it's practically a mini-crisis you'd want to avoid at all costs.

newvanga adapter
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The best adapters for international use are the ones that can be used anywhere in the world. Space is limited, especially when you're trying to not take so many suitcases on an overseas trip hours and hours away. So, when looking for the most appropriate adapter, look for one that's an all-encompassing tool that can be used whether you travel to Southeast Asia or the Europe.

Adapter with USB ports
Adapters with USB ports are especially important. | Amazon

More often than not, you're probably taking multiple devices that need charging, whether they be tablets, phones, laptops or even a gaming device. Instead of carrying multiple adapters that only have one or no USB ports, make sure you purchase an adapter that has multiple. When it comes to these adapters, the idea is more bang for your buck. Check to see how many USB ports are available and if that matches your needs before purchasing.

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Voltage is another factor that you should consider when deciding which adapter to purchase. You want to assure the adapter is capable of matching the voltage on the device you're charging and that it's also compatible with the country you're in, lest you damage your device or, worse, local infrastructure.