The Best Pool Games For Having Fun And Staying Fit

You’ll never want to get out of the water now.

Hot summer days make the very thought of going out for a run or getting in a HIIT workout seem unpalatable, at best. Fortunately, the manufacturers of pool toys and games also know this, which is why there are plenty of products on the market that promote moving around while staying cool in the water. From team sports to personal strength and fitness, there's no excuse for missing an exercise session on even the hottest of days.

Watermelon ball
Like Nothing You've Ever Seen
It doesn't get much easier than an unusual and creative ball that can provide excitement in and out of the water. | Amazon

Unlike a traditional volleyball, this water-filled ball that mimics the flotation of a watermelon can be bounced, dribbled, and passed underwater—making it great for a variety of pool games. Simply toss in the water and watch it sink slowly, then eventually rise back to the surface.

Pool volleyball
It's basically like you're hosting the Summer Olympics in your pool. | Amazon

Switch seamlessly from volleyball to basketball with this adjustable, inflatable set that includes a volleyball court and basketball hoop, with two weight bags that will keep everything safely secured.

pool basketball hoop
Just remember to shout, "Boomshakalaka!" when you dunk. | Amazon

The cheap poolside hoops of the past get an upgrade with robust construction and unique patent-pending design, featuring a quick and easy setup. Simply fill the base with water for secure stability, making it a great addition to any in-ground pool.

pool log battle
You don't need a name like Titan or Zeus to play this game, but that shouldn't stop you from creating fun nicknames. | Amazon

Fight your friends and family with a gladiator-style pool set, that comes complete with two sitting logs and two fighting logs for hours of splashy fun. Just don't get knocked in the water!

Water workout
Water workouts can be tough, but a lesson video makes this one much easier. | Amazon

Designed to accommodate all fitness levels, these pool bells and barbells can provide a smooth and uniform resistance for a variety of activities. Perfect for both upper and lower body strength, core strength, building muscle tone, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and more.