Best Portable Battery Chargers Of 2022

When the trip is long, your devices need to be juiced for the many tasks.

In your everyday life, your phone and your electronics are arguably the most important items you bring with you on your travels. They connect you to the world, as well as help you remember it. Here are the best portable battery chargers for world travelers.

Anker charger
Even if you just have one device, you'll want to be able to juice it multiple times without plugging it in. | Anker

Traveling internationally can make charging your electronics difficult sometimes. That's why it's important to have a portable battery charger (or multiple) that can charge your electronics more than once.

RAVPower portable charger
The beauty of today's technology is the ability to get big action from small devices. | RAVPower

Portable battery chargers can sometimes get carried away, as they end up being the size of a small e-reader. That's not always convenient for people who carry their portable chargers in their pockets. Find a battery charger with a size that makes it easily portable and packable.

solar charger
When camping or on a thrilling adventure, your devices always need to be built to handle unexpected accidents. | BLAVOR

Durability is important for a battery charger that will go with you to another state or, perhaps, another country. Along the way in your travels, you never know what sorts of incidents could potentially damage your belongings.

Why worry about holding an extra device when you can just stick it to your electronics?
halo charger | HALO

The best portable battery chargers will be ones that also have multiple ports. If you have many electronics that need to be charged on the go, or if you have friends who also want to charge their electronics simultaneously, it's always nice to have a battery with multiple ports.

Ekrist charger
At the end of the day, you just want peace of mind, and who can blame you? | Ekrist

Battery chargers can be the difference between capturing a beautiful scene with your phone, or they can help you locate a place to eat. No matter what you need your electronics for, you'll always need a battery charger for almost all travel scenarios.