Best Portable Battery Chargers For First Time Travelers

Avoid getting caught with a dead phone on your first trip.

Nobody wants to get stuck with a dead battery while traveling, and a portable battery charger is a simple, yet overlooked gadget that can make your life exponentially easier. Even the most seasoned travelers may forget to charge wireless headphones or tablets before embarking on a trip, but as long as your portable charger is juiced up—that's one less thing you'll have to worry about.

First-time travelers, in particular, may want to invest in one of these affordable options to take the stress out of the experience, so all you'll need to do is kick back and enjoy your flight.

poweradd battery
Some bags are designed to include small pockets with these small battery packs in mind. | POWERADD

Packing light is no problem when you have literally one of the lightest portable battery chargers money can buy. Weighing in at just 99 grams, or the weight of two eggs, this lightweight and compact charger can fit in virtually any bag or pocket.

Anker portable charger
Remember what we learned as kids—sharing is caring. | Anker

When you need the job done quickly and efficiently, this double USB charger provides enough power to simultaneously charge any combination of devices at their fastest possible charge speed. It even recharges itself in 10 hours—whereas many chargers can take twice as long.

ROLISA charger
When you're on a workation or plain, old business trip, you'll have multiple devices to worry about. | ROLISA

Take the guesswork out of portable battery charging with a digital LCD screen that tells you exactly how much juice you've got left. When you're charging three devices simultaneously, trust us—you'll want that peace of mind.

Miady portable charger
Maybe you're just always on the go. If that's the case, always keep one handy. | Miady

Whether embarking on a trip or hopping on the bus to school or work, these portable mini chargers will have you covered. They're small enough to fit into a bag or pocket and by purchasing a two-pack you'll always have a backup on hand.

Gnceei charger
Plug and run or set it and forget it, either way your devices will be juiced with ease. | Gnceei

For the multitasker on the go, this charger combines a fast wireless charger pad with a portable mobile power supply for lightning-fast charging of your devices from anywhere. An LCD power display even accurately tracks your remaining power, as well as input and output status.