The Best Portable Boomboxes For Beach Parties

The sun and sand aren’t as much fun without a little music.

Is it really a beach party without some loud music? The life of a party oftentimes centers around the loudest part of the party. When you go to the beach next time, make sure you're equipped with the best speakers ready for the beach and a good time.

treblab speaker
Our favorite added bonus is the ability to charge multiple devices while listening. | Treblab

The best beach speakers will be durable for any situation. Make sure it's not only waterproof but also sandproof, too (or at least sand-resistant). Your speaker is bound to take some hits, too, so make sure it can withstand any brunt trauma.

AOMAIS speaker
When you really want to put the BOOM in boombox. | AOMAIS

Sound quality is of the utmost importance, when it comes to beach speakers. From other beachgoers and the noises they'll make to the crashing of the waves and the rushing of the winds, there'll be plenty of sounds for your speaker to fight over. Make sure it's strong enough to win.

JBL boom box
Be the life of the party with a handheld device that has enough juice to take you through the night. | JBL

You never really know how long a beach day could go for. It could be just for the early afternoon, so you could end up there for an entire weekend. Make sure you bring along a speaker that can hang with the rest of the group.

Dewalt bluetooth speaker
When it looks like a bulldozer, you can bet it performs like one. | DEWALT

Sometimes a speaker isn't just a speaker—especially when it's at a pool party. Sometimes people put cups on speakers, or sometimes it can be a set piece for a decorative aesthetic. However you want to use your speaker, there's one that'll match whatever you're trying to pull off for your next beach party.

Ultimate Ears speaker
When partying by the ocean, you know you'll need something that can handle getting wet. | Ultimate Ears

Portability is another important factor to consider when buying a speaker for the beach. On top of not wanting to carry something too large, you also want to make sure it's not too heavy. That'll only weigh down a wagon or beach bag that's loaded with other beach-day items even more.