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The Best Portable Carports For When Your Airbnb Rental Has No Garage

When your road trip could last months, invest in something that will provide significant protection for your vehicle.

Road trips just got a little more exciting. The next time you head out on the road with your precious vehicle, take with you a portable carport that'll keep your car, truck or van protected no matter where you're at. Here are the best portable carports.

Abba carport
Big? Yes. Elaborate? Indeed. Worth the time to set up? Absolutely. | Abba Patio

Among the most important features for a portable carport is its durability. It's your car that's under the roof of these carports, so make sure you find a long-lasting carport that won't crumble on top of your vehicle.

Vehicle port
Cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles—pick a port that can handle it all. | ShelterLogic

A proper carport wouldn't be all that useful if it didn't completely protect your vehicle from the elements. Whether it's rain, snow, debris-filled wind or even the sun, your carport should be able to withstand anything Mother Nature has to throw at it.

portable canopy
Not really worried about your vehicle? That's fine, it can also double as protection for people in the event of rain. | Abba Patio

Portability is among the most important features for a mobile carport. You already have enough to pack for the road trip—the last thing you want is to find additional space for a cumbersome carport.

Heavy Duty Carport Car Canopy
Protecting your vehicles and people is well worth the 30-minutes (or less) it'll take you to get set up. | ADVANCE OUTDOOR

Carports need to be spacious enough to fit your car, but perhaps you'll also want to store additional items under the secure roof. Make sure your next carport can fit not just your car but also any other stored items you bring along.