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The Best Portable Seats For Potty Training On Vacation

Enjoy vacation while also still training the little ones on an essential life skill.

Bringing children with you on vacation can be a hassle. Plane rides aren't always great for their little ears, which makes them cry, but the entire trip doesn't have to be a complete mess. With these portable potty seats, help the little ones learn one of the most basic but most essential life skills while still enjoying time away from home.

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For starters, you want to make sure children obviously don't fall into the toilet. So, you need to find a potty seat that's able to fit all shapes and sizes of toilets wherever you go. The best ones will also be slip-resistant, as you never know what might happen when children enter the bathroom.

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Kids can also be incredibly unpredictable and tell you they need "to go potty" on a whim, so, depending on how old he or she is, you might need a potty seat that's easily accessible. Find one that is both easily transportable but also one that can open up without any hassle.

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The last thing you want is any "oopsies" your child made to "oopsie" onto the floor or anywhere else but where it should be, for that matter. For the youngest of the little ones, a self-containing potty seat that's easily cleaned is the best option, as they won't likely fit on bigger seats anyway.