The Best Screen Protectors For Your Most Important Travel Devices

Protect your investment by avoiding scratches and nicks when on vacation.

Screen protectors are thin plastic or glass sheets that adhere to your device's screen and ensure against errant nicks or scratches. Given the ever-rising cost of smartphones, it only makes sense that you'd want to protect your investment. Advances in glass technology have resulted in screens that are increasingly thin, light, and damage-resistant—however, some materials, such as sand and rocks, can still damage your device's screen. So, depending on where you happen to be traveling, you may want to consider a screen protector.

screen protector
Ever dropped your phone with a tempered glass screen protector installed? The sense of relief is amazing. | Amazon

What better way to protect your iPhone than with tempered glass? These durable, scratch-resistant screen protectors boast a 9H surface hardness finished with an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints.

You can't afford to break your iPad screen, especially if you're working on vacation. | Amazon

Made with high-quality, 0.33mm thick, premium tempered glass with rounded edges, this screen protector is high-response and high-transparency to keep your tablet safe while ensuring you won't even know it's there. Dust, fingerprints, and bubbles are no match.

Different smartphones require different screen protectors so make sure you know the differences. | Amazon

High-quality tempered glass provides maximum scratch protection with a rounded edge that allows for comfort on the fingers and hand. Maintain that "original touch experience" thanks to 9H hardness paired with 99.99 percent HD clarity.

Gamers will especially want to make sure their portable devices are safe. | Amazon

Ensure that your Switch's screen stays safe and protected with premium tempered glass that utilizes the latest laser cutting technology—fully covering the console screen from edge to edge without any unprotected space. You won't even know it's there, thanks to highly sensitive touch functionality that doesn't affect accuracy.

smartwatch protector
Your watch is a style accessory, so don't let its screen protector distract from the look. | Amazon

Smartwatches perhaps endure the greatest risk of nicks and scratches, and these protectors offer a lightweight safeguard that preserves the aesthetic appeal of the actual watch case while providing sufficient protection. Plus, the clear, 99 percent transparency coating won't interfere with screen usability.