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The Best Smart Mugs For Travelers

Keep your coffee warm no matter what, and no matter where.

We've all had a sip of coffee only to discover it's gone lukewarm. Fortunately, technology has come to remove this annoyance from our lives, in the form of the smart mug. Here's what to look for to get that perfect sip of coffee, every time.

It’s Heating Up

Consider where you'll be using this smart mug the most often. These tend to be built for specific times and places; some for the office to keep your coffee warm through that meeting, others for the road to be plugged into your dash. The road mugs in particular are more like electric kettles than coffee mugs and may be handy for making quick food as well as life-giving caffeine.


Smarter and Smartest

Battery life will be another factor in that warm cup. Like any smart item, a smart mug is only as good as its battery; once that craps out, you've only got plain old physics to rely on. Look for the highest capacity battery, and also for battery-saving functions such as a base you can plug into at your desk, or controls in the app that let you snooze the mug when you're down to the last dregs.


Clean It Up

Don't forget about care and cleaning! Like any cup, your smart mug will eventually need to be cleaned out. Look for models that offer easy care, either by allowing the whole unit to be washable with some soap and tap water, or that come apart for easy cleaning of only the germy bits. Think about the availability of cleaning materials as well; if you're regularly away from a kitchen, look for a smart mug that's easier to care for.