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The Best Smart Plugs For Keeping Your Home Normal When You're Not There

Turn your hotel room’s outlet into a hub for all things intelligent.

Smart plugs allow homeowners or renters to turn on and off any appliances that plug into a standard wall socket from the convenience of a voice assistant or app on your device, making them a great option for those who frequently travel. Essentially, if something plugs into the wall, you can make it smart by using a smart plug. These gadgets are ideal for everything from air conditioning units and heaters to holiday decorations.

wifi outlet
Enjoy familiar "assistant" voices wherever you go. | Amazon

Enjoy hands-free and responsive connected home control experience right out of the box. Through simple voice commands your assistant can switch on and off electrical devices, set schedules, check statuses, and more.

plug adapter
An annoying drawback of many plug adapters is size. Find one that doesn't obstruct the entire outlet. | Amazon

Control lights, air conditioning units, fans, heaters, home audio systems, and more with a smart plug that features the broadest platform that works with a wide variety of virtual assistants—from Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple to SmartThings, Nest, and wink.

A built-in timer for shutting off devices is a great feature for cutting down on unnecessary use. | Amazon

For an easy to install smart plug with no hub required, consider an affordable option that requires only a WiFi connection and device app. Set timers ahead of time, or customize schedules for everyday appliances like your coffeemaker or dehumidifier.

Worried about your home when you're away? Schedule your devices to turn on and off for extra security. | Amazon

Building a Smart home has never been easier than with a plug that works with Apple HomeKit Outlet and sets up using Bluetooth on your compatible Apple iOS device—no hub required. Remotely control your appliances with the touch of a button from virtually anywhere.

If your devices get too hot, a great smart plug should be able to detect the problem and shut them down. | Amazon

Simply connect your devices into this smart plug, complete the easy setup, and you're all ready to use your smartphone to control anything from a slow cooker to a Christmas tree. Or set the timer ahead and you're good to go!