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The Best Smart Security Cameras For Keeping You Calm On Vacation

Peace of mind might be the most important accessory on your big trip.

Attaining peace of mind while you're away on vacation is easier than ever thanks to no shortage of smart security cameras on the market. Whereas installing a security home system used to involve long cables, drilling holes in your walls for wiring, and cumbersome hard drives—today's systems set up in minutes and can be easily managed right from your smartphone app.

Smart features will turn the camera on and off when family members exit and return. | Amazon

Boasting a sharp image quality, 180-degree field of view, and voice control alerts, you'll never miss a thing that's happening at home. The camera's Smart Focus recognizes when a moving person enters the frame and adjusts focus as they move around but automatically stops recording when family members are detected for optimal privacy.

Real-time alerts and app notifications keep homeowners abreast of any unwanted guests. | Amazon

See what's happening in your home whenever you're away, with a mini indoor smart security camera that sets up in just minutes. Thanks to the latest chip technology, you can even customize motion detection zones, so you're only alerted to the movement that matters.

Two-way audio is a great way to send a quick reminder to anyone watching your home, and it can also scare away an intruder. | Amazon

Full HD live streaming lets you see inside your home from anywhere in real-time using your smartphone or device. For added convenience, two-way audio allows you to speak with your friends and family right through the app.

Blink XT
A two-camera kit lets you cover the most important areas, both inside and out. | Amazon

Receive alerts about what really matters and protect your home with a versatile indoor/outdoor, wire-free camera that features a long battery life, two-way audio, customizable motion detection, and live-view recording.

No point having a camera system if you can't identify faces with clear footage. | Amazon

Receive real-time motion detection alerts and be quickly notified by your device's app whenever anything passes by this smart camera. Keep your home secure day or night with built-in advanced night vision technology that features a 32-foot viewing range, even in the dark.