The Best Smartphone Chargers for Family Trips

Keep everybody charged up and clutter free with the proper cables and ports for your devices.

Phone charging cables and cords can be tangled and easily lost, so it’s time you plan better.Shutterstock

Our phones are incredibly handy tools, and when they run out of juice, we can feel it keenly. And when the whole family has a phone, fights over that one outlet at the airport seem inevitable. But with the right charger, they don’t have to be.

Hit the Dock

Poweroni USB Charging Station DockAmazon

Inventory your family’s needs, first. The good news is that, aside from Apple, the phone makers of the world came together a decade ago and said they’d all just use some form of USB, and even Apple has given in on the charger side and uses a USB port at one end of their cable. This means most chargers and cables are interchangeable, so focus more on numbers than specific ports.

Power Packed

Unitek Fast Charging StationAmazon

Look for a fast-charging system. Any combination of cable and charger will fill up your phone eventually, but there are two limits; how much power your phone can draw, and how much power the charger can provide. Think of the difference drinking something out of a straw versus a coffee stirrer, and you get the general idea. And don’t worry if a charger can provide more power than your phone needs; phones are configured to only draw the maximum they can accept.

All for One and One for All

Apple Watch Charger 5 Series 3-in-1Amazon

Consider form factor. If you’re packing light, or are only charging your own devices, you may want to have many ports on one cable, although this may limit the overall power you can draw. If you’ve got a whole fleet of phones to power up, though, go for the organizer; it’ll keep phones in place as well as power them up.