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The Best Space Saver Bags For The Tightest Packing Jobs

Cut down on cost and free up extremely valuable luggage room.

Space saver bags can be a great way of storing items such as heavy blankets, quilts, comforters, and winter clothes around the house. But did you know that they also come in handy while traveling? Maximize your luggage space and fit more into your carryon or reduce the number of suitcases to pack—saving you money on pricey airline luggage fees or extra room in the trunk.


Many models now don't even require a vacuum seal so you can leave the hand pump at home.

travel bags
Part of the task of saving space is strategically planning where each item will go. | Amazon

Specifically designed for luggage, these space saver bags come in four sizes so you can pack smarter than ever. Included in this kit are two pouch-sized bags, four carryon sized, four suitcase-sized, and four large dual bags.

rolling travel bags
Don't fear the elements and the damage they could cause to your gear. | Amazon

Keep your clothes safe from dust and odors with isolated plastic bags that never leak and ensure a secure seal for optimal compression every time. Save up to 80 percent of valuable luggage space when traveling or make the most out of storage space around the home.

Roomier Life
A huge advantage is the ability to separate your various clothing items and accessories. | Amazon

No vacuum or pump is needed for these travel-friendly compression bags. Simply pack, zip, and roll—the air exits from valves at the bottom of the bag, so no pump is needed. Save up to three times more space in your suitcase!

Suoco Storage
Forget luggage—use these to clean your closets up, too. | Amazon

With four large-sized bags and four 40 by 30-inch jumbo size (40 x 30 inch) these bags are great for when you're headed to a destination where packing light simply isn't an option. Around the house, use them for storing duvets, comforters, blankets, sheets, and pillows.

When you eventually become a master packer, you'll want the gear that makes you feel like a true expert. | Amazon

Save time and space by using a compact mini pump to compress your clothing bags, which takes up minimal additional room in your luggage. Double-zip seal and triple seal value guarantee optimal compression every time.