The Best Swim Goggles For Protecting Your Eyes In The Resort Pool

Have fun splashing in the resort pool all day long without worrying about your peepers.

Nothing elevates a rousing pool game of Marco Polo or diving for treasure quite like a good pair of standard swimming goggles, which allow you to see underwater and also protect your eyes from splashing. For the casual swimmer, you don't even need to break the bank to purchase an adequate pair of goggles, and some models now even come with features such as anti-fogging and UV protection. Marco!

With a flexible silicon frame, these goggles are all about comfort and effectiveness. | Amazon

Be the envy of the swimming pool with these fashionable goggles that feature UV-protection coating to reflect the sun's harmful rays and protect your eyes from heat and damage. Premium silicone material and ergonomic design to ensure a snug fit to keep water from leaking in.

pool goggles
Keep a pair clean and alternate or buy multiple for guests and friends. | Amazon

Some goggles come in a two-pack, with clear lenses that provide crystal vision for swimming indoors or at night, as well as a mirrored pair that's perfect for swimming outdoors to protect your eyes from the sun's strong rays.

Comfy goggles
Comfort is key since no face is made the same. | Amazon

Featuring polycarbonate and imported high-grade silica gel lenses treated with a long-lasting anti-fog coating, these goggles boast a comfortable, ergonomic design. An adjustable silicone head strap and three interchangeable nose pieces ensure a comfortable fit on practically anyone.

UV goggles
UV protection isn't just for sunglasses. If you're swimming outdoors, your eyes need the help. | Amazon

Give your eyes advanced protection with swim goggles that feature polarized lenses for blocking the sun's harmful UV rays—with a curved design that provides panoramic clarity, improved light transmission, and overall enhanced peripheral vision underwater.

Goggles can also reflect your attitude and personality. | Amazon

Unlike traditional goggles, these come on and off within seconds thanks to an adjustable head-strap system that secures by a clip. Lenses are treated with a durable, long-lasting anti-fog coating, which lets you see clearly underwater with no blurring or distortion.