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Best Tablets For First Time Travelers

On the road or in the air, bring a portable device to keep you busy and entertained.

Bringing a laptop with you on your travels is sometimes too cumbersome, and a smartphone is, perhaps, too small to get the job done. The ultimate compromise comes in the form of a tablet. Here are the best tablets for first-time travelers.

Amazon Fire HD
Whichever streaming service scratches your itch, it's right at your fingertips. | Amazon

Tablets are wonderful to have because they provide an ample screen for your entertainment needs. With a tablet at your side, forget watching battery-draining videos on your phone.

Amazon Fire for kids
Make sure to protect your new investment, especially if it's for small hands. | Amazon

One of the nice general features about tablets is that you're able to get work done, too. Whether it's reading up on the latest briefings are working on a design project, you'll have almost all the tools you'll need with your tablet.

Dragon Touch
For TV, movies, or music, more memory means more choices. | Dragon Touch

Traveling with your tablet also gives you the ability to store memories. With a camera on board, you can take photos and videos wherever you go on your travels and have them readily available to edit and post right there.

Samsung Galaxy
The thing to keep in mind for long trips is longer battery life. | Samsung

One of the nice conveniences of a tablet is its portability. Unlike with some laptops, unloading your tablet in security or in tight spaces at your seat will no longer be an issue.

iPad 11
Add a camera to the mix and you won't even need your smart phone. | Apple

When it comes down to it, tablets are the best of both worlds, combining the convenience of a phone with the power of a laptop. It's among the best pieces of equipment you can bring on any of your travels.