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The Best Tennis Gear For Bringing Your Game On Vacation

Play like a pro, even when relaxation is the goal.

Most resorts feature recreational amenities such as tennis courts, so aficionados of the sport may want to consider designated gear for keeping racquets and other accessories safe while traveling. After all, what serious or even recreational tennis player wants to get stuck with whatever potentially old or busted up equipment the resort has to offer—which has likely been used countless times by other tourists over the years?

Wilson bag
Premium, high-quality fabric to last for years. | Amazon

Choose a duffle that stays intact trip after trip, year after year, from one of the most trusted names in sports equipment. Premium, high-quality fabric provides maximum durability and high-strength stitching and zippering withstand being tossed in overhead compartments or into the trunk of your car. When not in use, the bag can be folded flat for convenient storage.

LISH backpack
Keeps your equipment safe and secure. | Amazon

Whether you're a hardcore tennis player, novice, or something in between, this is the perfect tote to keep you organized both to and from the court. The spacious, main compartment holds up to two rackets at a time—as well as extra cans of tennis balls, shoes, or other gear and accessories—while external zip pockets keep smaller items such as keys and wallets organized and at an easy reach. Fully adjustable padded shoulder straps make it a comfortable tote to lug around while traveling or for everyday use.

Athletico 3
Easily stores up to three racquets. | Amazon

Organize your gear all in one place with a roomy, wide-mouth tennis bag that fits up to three standard or oversized rackets, protected within a padded exterior cover. Stores accessories such as an extra can of balls, towels, or change of clothes in a large zippered front pocket, while a soft, felt-lined back pocket is great for keys, wallets, phones, and other small accessories. The slim design makes it perfect for traveling and can even be stowed in a large suitcase.