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The Best Toiletry Kits For First Time Travelers

Never worry about arriving and realize you forgot your toothbrush.

Sure, you can buy toothpaste and deodorant basically anywhere you travel to, but having all your regular self-care products from home can make a huge difference when finding comfort on the road. Here are the best toiletry kits for first-time travelers.

Compact is always the way to go. | NOMATIC

Toiletries are important, but they're not always so important that they require a lot of space in your luggage. Compact, easy-to-fit toiletry kits are almost always the way to go.

toiletry bag
When you have a lot of essentials, you need the real deal. | BAGSMART

Within your toiletries bag, you need space to carry all of your essentials. Make sure that the toiletries kit you purchase will be able to fit the dimensions of the bottles and containers of your products.

Herschel bag
Looking nice is great, but make sure the material can handle bathroom messes. | Herschel

Among the most important qualities to consider for toiletry bags is its resistance to water. Naturally, your toiletries bag will be around a sink or the shower, so water-proof toiletry bags are essential, as you never know when your must-stay-dry items could be exposed to water.

accessory bag
Keep your countertops clear and all of your accessories within arm's reach. | Amazon

You'll want a toiletries bag that's durable and will last you for the long run. Ultimately, travel will bring about significant wear and tear on any of your travel equipment, so it's good to find products that will last.

small toiletry bag
When you don't have a lot of needs or worry about the bells and whistles, keep it light and easy. | Amazon

When it comes down to it, your traveling toiletries bag is essential. It needs to be able to withstand the toll of travel while also being lightweight enough that your bag won't feel overburdened by its addition.