The Best Travel Accessories For Your iPad

For sending emails or merely chillaxing, this device should go a long way on your vacations.

The iPad is one of the more versatile tools for work and home. And with the right gear, you can add travel to that list. Here are five must-have accessories for when you and your iPad hit the road.

Yekbee iPad Keyboard Case
If you can't (or won't) bring a laptop, bring the next best thing. | Yekbee

A keyboard case is a must for turning your iPad into a laptop when you need one, letting you combine two devices and save some space.

ZenRich iPad Mini 5 Rugged Case
If your vacation style is "anything goes" and that means bringing your gear to places unknown, make sure your most important items are protected. | ZenRich

A hard case for when you need to go rugged will be useful, especially with built-in straps and handles to help you keep a grip.

Apple iPad Pro Leather Sleeve
Protecting your gear doesn't mean you can't add a dash of flair. | Apple

And for more professional settings, have a sleeve you can discretely store your iPad in, especially handy for business trips.

Bolun LED Ring Light 10.2
When you bring everyone at home up to speed on your vacation, you'll want to look as good as they do on TV. | Bolun

If you love streaming, or plan to use videochat to stay in touch with friends and family, a ring light and stand will help you stay hands-free.

Aunote Apple Pencil Case Holder
Don't forget to protect the smaller items that make your device all that more worthwhile. | Aunote

Don't forget about your headphones, pencil, and charger, as a case for them will help you keep everything in one place.

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