The Baby Carriers For Your Little One's First Trip

You won’t have FOMO with a baby carrier that goes everywhere.

Parents planning a vacation with their new baby in tow may weigh the pros of cons of bringing a stroller versus a baby carrier. Many experienced parents, however, will advise that a baby carrier is absolutely the way to go. In addition to having free hands and the convenience at both the airport and on your flight—not all cities and tourist attractions are exactly stroller-friendly. Whereas with a baby carrier, you won't have any FOMO.

Four ways to carry your baby. | Amazon

This versatile design will carry your little one from newborn through toddler with four convertible seats that can accommodate children from eight through 32 pounds. The facing-in narrow seat is ideal for newborns, while the facing-in wide seat holds somewhat older babies. The facing-out narrow seat is intended for babies with head control and toddlers will be comfortable with the back-carry wide seat.

Forget complicated wrapping or tying. | Amazon

The comfort and intimacy of a baby wrap meets the convenience of a carrier with this hybrid wrap-carrier. Soft knit fabric allows your baby to nestle close without any complicated wrapping and tying—with a supportive waist belt that makes it comfortable for mom or dad, as well. The perfect baby carrier for traveling, the compact construction allows it to easily rolls up to be stored in a diaper bag.

Boba Wrap
Keep your baby close with soft fabric. | Amazon

Grow and strengthen the bold with your new baby while on the go with this easy-to-tie infant sling made of soft and breathable cotton—and just the right amount of Spandex for stretch to form the wrap around your body and your baby. With an organically ergonomic design, your baby will stay comfortably seated while providing necessary weight distribution for mom and dad. It even creates a privacy shield for nursing moms so you can breastfeed from anywhere.