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Best Backpacks For Travelers In 2022

Heading out there alone? Better bring a bag that is built for any type of adventure.

Whether you're heading off on your own to the wilderness or a luxury hotel, a good backpack is one of the best tools for traveling solo. Here are five packs to consider, and what to look for.

The North Face Vault Backpack
Whether exploring a jungle or spending a night at your favorite local resort, you'll want to be able to bring what matters. | The North Face

Weight matters when it comes to luggage, but especially backpacks. Go for a pack that's light but made of tough material, like ripstop nylon, so you can cram it full if need be.

Amazon Basics Carry-On Travel Backpack
Everyone needs something different from a bag, but space is always one of the most consistent priorities. | Amazon Basics

Next, take a look at the design. If you're going to be roughing it across trail and glen, then you probably can forgo the laptop pocket, for example, but if this will be your airport road warrior, get one it's easy to organize with.

SWISSGEAR 5358 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack
When you don't have time to waste, pick the bag that was made for cruising through the TSA line. | SWISSGEAR

If you'll be seeing the inside of a lot of airports, get a bag that's compliant with TSA standards. This includes standardized locks, a lay-flat design, and no metal snaps or zippers over the laptop pocket that might obscure your stuff from x-ray machines.

High Sierra TSA Elite Laptop Backpack
Younger travelers shouldn't have to experience the pains of heavy bags and bothersome straps with no padding. | High Sierra

Comfort, of course, will also matter. Check for packs that have vents and breathable designs that give your back and shoulders a little room to "breathe," so you're not sweating five minutes into your hike.

Targus CitySmart EVA Pro Travel Business Commuter and Checkpoint-Friendly Backpack
When your trip is all work and very little play, choose the bag that reinvents organized travel. | Targus

Make sure your backpack works with your other bags. Look for features like trolley straps, to fit over a rolling bag's telescoping handles, to make lugging everything a little easier.

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