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The Best Travel Blankets For Keeping Warm And Comfy

Whether you’re out by a campfire or taking a 12-hour flight to the other side of the world, having a warm blanket is never a mistake.

You'd think that in a cramped, metal tube with rows of hundreds of passengers that it'd be warm. Wrong. And those [sometimes] complimentary blankets that airlines provide are a good gesture and all, but they don't always do the trick. Read on for the best travel blankets that'll keep you warm, whether you're traveling high in the sky or resting next to a fire on a cool winter night.

portable blanket
This one thing is true: a blanket is supposed to be comfortable, first and foremost. | Amazon

The first factor to consider is comfort. "Are you comfortable wearing this blanket?" If the answer's, "No," then you probably shouldn't buy it. For blankets, it's quite easy to find out with just the touch of your finger. Fortunately, a lot of blankets are made with common materials you can find. A quick squish between your hands, and you'll know it's the one for your next flight.

cloudz blanket
You shouldn't feel like you're bringing grandma's quilt on the flight. | Amazon

The problem with some blankets and flying is that they're incredibly cumbersome and difficult to pack. Ideally, you don't want your on-board blanket to take up so much space that you can't bring anything else in your carry-on. And, in those tight spaces with strangers surrounding you, the last thing you want is to fumble around with your bag, as you squeeze a blanket out.

blue hills
You should want to feel like you're under a comforter without actually having one. | Amazon

In addition to being compact, you want to make sure your comfortable blanket doesn't add any unwanted weight. If heavy enough, carry-ons can take a toll on your lower back, and, while a blanket doesn't appear to be heavy, adding even the slightest of weight can be the difference.