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The Best Travel Flasks For Making Cocktails On Secluded Beaches

Take your favorite sippers on the go with these innovative bottles.

What better spot for a refreshing cocktail than on a stretch of secluded beach? However, if you're not staying at a swank all-inclusive resort, the logistics of carrying around glass bottles of alcohol and mixers can be inconvenient—not to mention, potentially hazardous. Instead, check out these travel flasks perfect for toting along your booze and other ingredients to make delicious cocktails just about anywhere.

Designed to Fit Anywhere

With a unique slim book design, this flask was created to fit in any bag or pocket, so there will be plenty of room for snacks or anything else you might need for a fun trip to the beach. Made using high-quality, safe, BPA-free plastic and an inner food-grade silicone lid, this portable 13 oz. flask boasts a comfortable grip that makes it easy to carry. Never get caught high and dry on the beach again!


Designed to Fit in Any Bag

Take your favorite wine or cocktail anywhere with a slim, eight-ounce flask that's just the right size to fit in any purse or bag. Dubbed the "lady flask," this cute design comes in a number of eye-catching colors and patterns. But more importantly, your beverage of choice will stay cold for up to 12 hours thanks to double-walled stainless-steel exterior and dual copper-plated insulation.


Slip Under the Radar of Scanners and Metal Detectors

Cruise ships are notoriously strict when it comes to bringing your own alcohol on board, and those pricey cocktails can really add up. Enter these heavy-duty, reusable, and concealable flasks that will allow you to enjoy your vacation a lot more. Puncture-resistant and BPA-free—the nonmetallic, plastic materials are specifically designed to be undetectable by scanners and metal detectors, so you can pass through screening without being noticed. In addition to cruises, these are a great option to bring along to concerts, stadiums, movie theaters, or anywhere else you might want to sneak in your own booze.