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The Best Travel Hangers For Keeping Your Clothes In Order

When the hotel hangers aren’t enough, keep your own personal set at the ready for getaways.

Sometimes hotel hangers just don't work, or there might not even be any hangers, depending on what kind of place you're staying at. For those situations, it's always nice to have your own set of hangers that you know are both reliable, clean and accessible whenever you need them. Here are some of the best options for travel hangers.

colorful hangers
Like your clothes, your hangers should last a long time. | Amazon

One of the primary factors you're looking for in a suitable set of hangers is durability. The last thing you want is to have your heavy jacket fall right off a hanger in the middle of the night and become slumped and wrinkled from hours stacked on itself on the ground.

small hangers
Hangers should not take up any space in your luggage. | Amazon

When you're traveling with hangers, another important factor to consider is the size of the hangers you're purchasing. Suitcase and carry-on bag space is already limited, so the last thing you want is to find yourself in a predicament of deciding between bringing your hangers or any other items you thought you could bring on your next trip.

tumi hangers
Your clothes deserve to be treated well in and out of your luggage. | Amazon

You also want to keep in mind the weight of the hangers you're purchasing. As mentioned, space is limited in your suitcases. Even if you can stuff all your items and then your hangers inside a travel backpack or a suitcase, you still don't want to run into the issue of your bag being overweight. Even if it's just a carry-on, lugging around something that's too heavy won't make your back any happier.