The Best Travel Razors That Won't Require Band-Aids

The last thing you want for your family-vacation photos is you with a big band-aid over your chin.

Some trips last longer than others, and, even when getaways are short, that's not stopping a fast-growing scruff or beard from showing up the next morning. Or how about when it's time to wear an elegant dress with a charming slit? In either case, you need the best travel razors that are easy to pack and reliable when pressed against your skin. Forget cuts, band-aids and unkempt looks: Here are the best travel razors for you.

Why purchase a one-use plastic item when you can have a nice razor with multiple reloads? | Amazon

For businessmen and those who want to maintain a clean look on vacation, among others, a razor is an essential item on the packing list. You need a reliable one that both gets the job done and is easy to store in a limited-space toiletries bag. Like with all razors, some factors to still look out for include the handle and, in turn, your control of the razor, and the razor's ability to reach hard-to-shave spots.

electric razor
An electric razor can be cleaner and far more convenient. | Amazon

Depending on preference, there are a variety of options. You can go with a traditional, non-electric razor that are high-quality, durable and minimalistic for travel, or you can opt for an electrically operated razor to help touch up spots quickly and efficiently.

Disposable razors aren't all that bad. | Amazon

For ladies who carry myriad other items in their on-the-go toiletries bag, sometimes a regular disposable razor is too big. There are compact-sized ones, as well, that are easy to store and quick to pull out, all while providing a quality shave free of any unwanted cuts and bleeding.