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The Best USB-C Adapters For Your Travel Kit

When it comes to cords, you have options and knowing the differences will mean a better charging experience.

As laptops get thinner and lighter, increasingly they're turning to USB-C. And whether you're upgrading to something light for a better trip or just want to connect with a friend's laptop, here's how to get the best USB-C adapter for your travel kit.

Some devices use USB-A and others use USB-C. Some even still use USB-B. Having options is helpful. | Amazon

For bigger hubs, consider what connections might be useful, such as HDMI to connect to TVs or Ethernet ports for wired connections.

Your brand new laptop might have USB-C ports, but your other devices still use USB-A. Adapt accordingly. | Amazon

Ideally, get an adapter with USB 3.0 ports, which are faster on data transfer and thus streaming and sharing.

Some adapters go above and beyond when it comes to helping with storage and screen mirroring. | Amazon

Photographers in particular will want a hub that can support SD cards, which will make transferring huge batches of snaps a one-click experience.

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When you only have to worry about adapting one device, you pick the smallest, best option. | Amazon

If you need to prioritize space, a small converter will be a better choice.

Like your lightning cables, the cords on an adapter are susceptible to breaking after too many bends, so find the most durable choice. | Amazon

And don't forget, you can use this as a two-way street, to connect your phone to USB plugs for charging, data transfer, and even operating system upgrades and data recovery.