The Best Vintage Sunglasses Style For Any Vacation

Some of the hottest looks are some of the oldest.

Whenever you go on vacation, you're most likely traveling to somewhere warm and, at the very least, sunny. That makes bringing a pair of sunglasses with you a near-necessity. Like Ray-Bans and other sunglasses styles of old, here are the best sunglasses you should consider ahead of your next vacation.

sojos sunglasses
Look no further than today's biggest celebrities for inspiration. | SOJOS

Vacations are all about feeling good, and part of feeling good is looking good. Wherever you go, you'll likely have a handpicked outfit, so make sure you also have a pair of handpicked sunglasses to go along with them.

Amexi sunglasses
Even more affordable styles are built with durable materials that will eventually make them old favorites. | Amexi

Part of being on vacation is understanding accidents can and will likely happen, especially when knocking back a few drinks by the beach. So, if you're planning on bringing only one pair of sunglasses, make sure they're durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of vacationing.

Ray-Ban shades
Name brands stand the test of time because they're trustworthy and reliable. | Ray-Ban

A pair of sunglasses should be seamless while you're wearing it. Apart from the obvious shaded vision, your sunglasses should rest so comfortably on the bridge of your nose that you ask yourself, "Where are my glasses?"

TOMS aviators
Styles are one thing, but it's also important to know what your shades can do for you. | TOMS

For more sensitive eyes, you may want to consider purchasing glasses that have proven UVA and UVB protection, as well as consider investing in a pair of polarized glasses. Spending a little extra will ultimately go a long way for your eyes' health.

Nike sunglasses
When it comes to glares and generally sunny days, your eyes will need as much protection as possible. | NIKE

Ultimately, the best vacation sunglasses have one purpose: to shade your eyes. Look for a pair that's stylish and comfortable while also providing protection.