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The Best Wagons For Family Weekend Getaways

Short trips with young children will be comfortable for both you and the kids.

There's that weird period in your children's lives when they're a little too heavy to carry, but they're also too young to roam freely. Additionally, having an extended, heavy-duty tote bag on wheels to carry around whatever equipment or gear you need. Look into getting a wagon ahead of your next weekend getaway with friends and family.

wonderfold wagon
Gone are the days of metal bases with no cushions and overall comfort. | Wonderfold

Travel in style with a wagon that can do it all. A wagon is that has both stylish and functional features is one to keep an eye out for. After all, family outings are less fun when the young ones are fussing in an uncomfortable wagon all day.

Radio flyer
Shade? Check. Comfort? Check. Convenience? Check. Cover all the important bases. | Radio Flyer

As parents of young children, wherever you go, a wagon will likely come in handy. From holding onto essentials and goodies to providing an impromptu nap spot, wagons can come in handy in a multitude of ways.

Beau jardin
Your kids can be rougher on equipment than the most rugged trails, so choose accordingly. | Beau Jardin

From shopping at the farmer's market to hauling the little crew from the resort to the beach, a wagon should be durable enough that you shouldn't have to think about the possibility that it might break down.

PA wagon
From the sun to bugs, there's a lot out there that wants to harm your kid's soft skin. | PA

Wagons have other uses besides holding lazing children. Carrying a load of equipment? Or perhaps multiple boxes during a move. No matter the load, wagons are sure to come in handy.

Mac wagon
Whatever the situation, you should want to pack and unpack your gear with ease. | MacSports

It's important to not forget the protective and durable features of these wagons, too. Oftentimes, a simple canopy or netting will make the difference between damaged and undamaged goods.