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The Best Walkie Talkies For Places With No Phone Service

No cell service? No problem, with these resourceful two-way radio sets.

Some people may not think of it in the age of smartphones, but walkie talkies can be incredibly useful when traveling. Say you're on a remote island without cell reception, or on a cruise ship that charges costly WiFi service. Or, maybe you're even traveling abroad and your carrier doesn't offer an international package. In these instances, a set of two-way radios can be a lifesaver for checking in with your traveling companions.

Motorola T100TP
Keeps the whole family in touch. | Amazon

With a range that goes up to 16 miles and 22 channels, you'll have peace of mind that your family is safe and connected. Simple, compact and easy-to-use, these two-way radios are great for anything from traveling places without cell service or just at the playground, hiking, enjoying a picnic in the park.

Your kids will love them. | Amazon

Staying in contact with mom and dad will be that much more fun with a brightly colored set of two-way radios specifically designed for the small hands of a child. With a three-mile range, this is the perfect set to call your kids to dinner from a friend's house or backyard and can also come in handy when traveling to a resort or cruise. And with the ability to handle drops up to four feet, the sturdy construction can take literally what your kids can throw at it.

Great for long-range communication. | Amazon

These professional-grade two-way radios are built tough for a variety of on-site business applications, from construction and warehouse to hotel front desks, restaurants, and grocery stores. With one watt of power providing up to 250,000 square feet—or, 20 floors—of long-distance signal range with 2,662 channel combinations, these two-way radios are also a great option for hotels and cruise ships.