The Best Watch Cases For Protecting Your Expensive Accessories

Keep your most elegant accessories safe and looking sharp.

We all want to look good on vacation, and for watch fans it's a good time to break out that expensive Swiss chronometer. Or perhaps you just want your smart watch with you. But even the toughest watch can be no match for what travel throws at it on its own. Here's what you need to know about watch cases.

Extra Peace of Mind

The case itself should be tough. Look for either a hard-shell exterior, which will usually be covered in some form of protective Nylon or similar fiber, or tough leather for that old-school look. The general concern with shipping watches is crushing, so it should be able to stand up to whatever a baggage handler can throw at it.

More Cushion for the Protecting

Check for features that allow your watch to keep its shape. Single-watch cases will usually have an indent to fit the watch around, keeping the watch in place, while cases that can carry multiple watches will have inserts or cuffs to use for the same purpose. It not only will keep your watch happy, it'll help protect it against damage by keeping it snug and secure.

Something Extra

Don't forget you may be bringing other jewelry as well, so look for a case where you can keep it all in one place. Especially if you've got a nice dinner reservation for you and your sweetie and want to look good, you can put everything at your fingertips instead of sorting through all the pockets in your luggage.