The Best Waterproof Dry Bag For Adventurous Vacations

Keep your gear safe and your excursions stress-free by carrying one of these advantageous accessories.

If you go on an adventure, getting wet is part of the deal. Sudden rainstorms, transiting rivers, kayaking, you name it. But just because you get doused doesn't mean your stuff has to, as long as you've got a good dry bag. Here's what to look for.

Multi-pack dry bags
Multi-packs are great for family trips. | Amazon

Start with the basics, with a bag made of something light, tough, and easy to coat, such as nylon, with double-stitched and taped seams to keep water out.

Rainier dry bag
Sometimes business is pleasure, and if your "work" trip takes you on incredible adventures, an all-in-one dry bag is a must. | Amazon

Size also matters, as, remember, you'll need to roll the top three times to make the bag watertight, so budget space inside accordingly.

adventurer bag
An adventurer's bag should also be designed to take any number of bumps along the journey. | Amazon

Next check the design, such as backpack or duffel, to make sure it's usable on your trip.

dry bag with waterproof phone pouch
While the bag does its job, a waterproof phone pouch will provide even more protection for your most important device. | Amazon

Also useful will be multiple anchor points that will allow you to tie the bag to the side of buildings, clip on straps and handles, and otherwise make it easier to use.

earth pak
What matters most is durability that will allow travelers to take a bag on vacation after vacation. | Amazon

Finally, don't forget useful extras, like a phone case, to help keep you organized and water out of your stuff.