The Best Weekend Bags For Solo Travelers

You don’t need a full luggage set for quick trips—you just need one great carryon that does it all.

If you're heading out on a weekend to be with yourself, a great bag can make for a better trip. Here's what to look for when picking a bag for that solo weekend.

Herschel Novel Duffel Bag
A place for your shoes and enough room for several outfits—that's all you really need. | Herschel

Start by picking a format. If you're heading to luxuriate in a hotel, or need to bring a suit, consider a duffel bag, but if you're roughing it, or have a lot of flights to make, consider a roomy backpack.

Samsonite Modern Utility Weekend Duffel Bag
Sophisticated style and tons of space will check all your boxes. | Samsonite

Also look at how it blends with your other luggage. If you've got a rolling bag with a telescoping handle, for example, get a weekend bag with a sleeve that fits onto the rails, making it easier to haul.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Port Stanley 20
Even if you're only spending the night somewhere, don't sacrifice style. | Kenneth

Material also matters. You'll want something that's hard-wearing, especially if this bag will be seeing the inside of a lot of trunks and cargo holds, but also stylish, so it stands out.

SwissGear Getaway Collection Laptop Backpack
When you need to move freely through crowded airports, pick the right bag style. | SwissGear

If you're going the backpack route, pockets are your best friend. Look for a laptop pocket that'll fit your travel sidekick, exterior organizers for easy access to the stuff you need right away, and roomy interiors for all your stuff.

PUMA Evercat Jane Women's Tote
Fitness-minded travelers will appreciate a bag that can go anywhere while still looking good. | PUMA

And, of course, don't forget style. A bag that looks good is worth it, especially if it has the features your need.