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The Best Wireless Fitness Earphones

When breaking a sweat, never lose your bangers.

Headphones can work wonders by keeping you motivated and creating a personal bubble of privacy when you need it most, whether in a cramped space or working up a sweat. Here are the five best.

When you're breaking a huge sweat, don't worry about it affecting your gear. | Amazon

Look for headphones that are waterproof, with an IPX rating of 6 or 7, to keep out sweat and deal with the elements.

Gym, beach, pool, jungle trails—you're covered with a device that is charged to last. | Amazon

Check both the battery life of the units, and the battery life of the case when you're charging them up, for maximum music time.

Elecder D17
When using a new set, you shouldn't have to be worried about elaborate setup. | Amazon

If you're picky about your music, headphones with different equalization settings will give you the best experience while you hit the battle ropes.

Keep your focus on the grind and not irritating pieces. | Amazon

Look for earhooks made of soft, durable materials so they'll stay in place not matter how hard you hit the bike.

No pockets? Leave your phone in the bag without concern for losing the connection. | Amazon

Quick recharging will ensure that you're always ready to work out, whether catching up on podcasts or cranking your best playlist.