The Best Bike Helmets for Solo Travelers

Even when you’re away from home, you should want to protect your head.

When exploring new towns, trails, and beaches, play it safe. Even if it means packing a little more gear.Shutterstock

Safety is paramount for most, if not all, bikers. Helmets are at the top of the list of priorities for safety equipment when it comes to biking, so make sure to bring along your favorite, reliable helmet on your travels. Here are the best bike helmets for solo travelers.

Looking Good and Feeling Good

Protecting your noggin is crucial, but don’t sacrifice style.Thousand

While style isn’t the most important part of any biking trip, it’s not the least important either. You’ll be taking pictures and making memories along the way, so why not try to look as good as you can and want?

Got Wheels? Time to Ride

Two or four—maybe even one if you have a unicycle—pick the gear that works with multiple styles.Triple Eight

Bike helmets for travelers need to be one thing before all else: reliable. Without a helmet, some of your more adventurous biking adventures could be cut off.

It’s All or Nothing

If your goal is an intense workout that requires hours of riding, then you’ll want the ultimate in protection.Giro Syntax

Since you’ll be wearing a helmet for most of the time when you’re out and about with your bike, it’s best to find one that’s breathable and comfortable. Comfort may not seem like an important factor initially, but, when it’s been many hours into the day, it’ll be a factor you’ll be glad you considered.

A Little Extra Protection

When you’re riding in a new place, be sure to do anything and everything to keep safe.RNOX

For extra security and safety, some helmets provide powerful lights that let drivers and other potential hazards know you’re there. These pair well with light-up vests to provide ultimate awareness for others.