The Breeo Outpost is a Smart, Organized Way to Have a Simple Campground Cookout

If you’re worried about keeping nature’s kitchen clean, this clever grilling station will calm any outdoor chef.

July 14, 2020
smokeless fire pit
You don’t need a Breeo fire pit to take advantage of the Outpost for quick and easy outdoor cooking. Breeo

Outdoor cooking and BBQ enthusiasts are always very loyal to their grills, smokers, fryers and any other contraptions they use to make their favorite meals. I’ve been a Weber guy for over a decade while my closest aspiring grillmaster friends live and die by the Big Green Egg or Kamado Joe, and I have one friend who created a massive half-smoker/half-grill out of an old oil drum. Some people care more about their grills than their cars, and I’m totally fine with that, because good grilling is an artform. 

One contraption that caught my attention in recent years is the Breeo X Series, which is a smokeless fire pit that features a built-in sear plate. So, if you and the fam are sitting around a fire and someone suddenly gets a hankering for those burger patties that are sitting in the fridge, or you’re enjoying an evening cocktail and decide it’d pair well with a nice sirloin, you can slap it all on the rim of the pit and enjoy one of the most relaxed grilling experiences of your life.

Only problem? You can’t take the fire pit on road trips. You can, however, take the Breeo Outpost, and the results are just as good.


Why Do You Need a Portable Grilling Surface?

My earliest memories of grilling date back to my Boy Scout days, when my dad would use those old, rusty campground grills to overcook hot dogs and a green metal burner to make dirty scrambled eggs in an old cast iron pan. Back then, it was delicious. Today, just the thought of those campground grills makes me cringe. Call me picky, I guess, but I like to know that my cooking surface has been cleaned at least once in my lifetime.

Enter the Breeo Outpost, which is about as simple as it gets when it comes to bringing a grill on the road.

How Simple are We Talking?

The hardest part of using the Outpost is building your own pit and getting the wood burning (it goes without saying that you should adhere to all park, campground and/or local rules and laws regarding campfires), because the rest of it is a snap. Literally. 


The Outpost’s Anchorpoint locking mechanism boasts a very easy planting process—we’re talking two quick steps—that holds the Outpost perfectly and steadily in place, which is so impressive considering my first impression of this skinny pole was a vision of my whole backyard s’mores station falling over while my son and niece cried to the heavens over their ruined dessert. And it not only stays in place, but the Outpost is also strong enough to hold a pot, pan or kettle, depending on your cooking needs.

What Do I Love the Most?

Really, it’s the simplicity of the non-cooking aspects. Unpacking, cleaning and packing are so fast and easy that it makes me want to use it even more. Unfortunately, there are only so many times a guy can roast s’mores in the backyard before the neighbors’ kids start demanding a cut of the action, too.


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