The Best Car Seat Check Bags

This is one big bag, but it’s not necessarily a burden.

November 24, 2020
Child's car seat
Bringing a child’s car seat on vacation is a necessity, and fortunately the right bag makes it easy. Shutterstock

Car seats keep kids safe, and when you travel, you want to make sure it’s protected and easy to bring with you. Here’s are some the best car seat check bags to bring with you on your next family trip.

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Cover the Basics

When something is built to withstand serious accidents, the thing protecting it on flights is no different. J.L. Childress

Look for a seat bag made of something that can take a beating, such as ripstop nylon.

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Shoulder the Burden

You’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to carry something so heavy on your back. Himal

Size matters, as well, so ensure that the bag has enough capacity to fit your car seat.

COMPONO Premium Car Seat Travel Bag - Best car seat Backpack with Padded Straps for Easy Carry

Lift with Your Knees

On your shoulders or with your hands—however you lift should be easy and painless. COMPONO

A bag with lots of handles, such as built-in backpack straps, front handles, and side handles, will make it easier to carry through terminals, hotels, and traffic.

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Out of Sight, Out of Mind

You know what you don’t want? Something big and bulky that takes up a ton of space when you’re not using it. Yorepek

Most seat bags will fold to a smaller size, so a model that either folds into a small pouch or a tiny suitcase will make your trip that much easier.

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Something that Stands Out

Just like your luggage, choose something that won’t blend in on the carousel. V Volkgo

If you’re going to be in a busy place or crossing traffic, look for a bag with either a bright overall color or high-visibility accents.


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