Three Comfortable Slippers That Are Perfect For The Longest Flights

Don’t be the barefoot passenger. Not when your feet can feel so much better.

Is there anything like taking your shoes off at the end of the day and putting on a pair of slippers? Yet how often do we do it when we're going to be stuck sitting for hours on a flight? Here's what to look for in a pair of slippers when you've got a long time on a plane in front of you.

Women's Indoor Slippers
The same materials that makes your bedding so comfortable can make your feet feel like heaven. | ofoot

Get a pair in the right fabric for you. Cotton, for example, is warm and breathable, perfect if your feet get cold on a flight without getting that sweaty-foot feeling. Polyester, on the other hand, doesn't absorb moisture, so if you're spill prone, or sweat prone, it'll be a better choice for your slippers. Fleece will keep you warm no matter what, so if you're perpetually cold, go with that.

Black and White Men's Memory Foam Travel Slippers
Great slippers are basically like sleeping bags for your feet. | Black and White

Find a good, comfortable sole to go with the fabric as well. Memory foam is particularly popular, since it shapes to fit the contours of your feet, but it's not for everyone. Particularly if you need arch support or just don't like the feel, you can get a firmer sole. And don't forget to look on the bottom, to see what kind of grip the slipper has.

Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports
A slipper isn't necessarily what you'd expect it to be. Focus on comfort. | Barerun

Consider your timetable and your overall needs, as well. Some slippers, like aqua socks, are designed to be good all-around shoes as well, so you just slip them on after you're settled and can wear them through gate changes and any other hustling you have to do to get to the hotel. Conversely, if you know you'll be taking it easy, a looser fit may make more sense.