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Luggage For The Biggest Comic Book Fans

Marvel, DC, both—show fellow passengers your fandom as you travel.

It can be hard for luggage to stand out and reflect your personality. Fortunately, if you're a comic book fan, you've got plenty of options to show off your personal style and your favorite publisher. Here's what to consider, though, beyond the logos.

Collect Them All

A good piece of luggage is the luggage that fits your needs first, and looks second. Make a list of what you most want out of your gear, like expandable cargo space, retractable handles, hard or soft construction, and so on, and then bring your fandom into it. There's plenty of suitcases that will both be a sturdy travel companion and a good conversation starter.


Look, Up in the Sky!

Consider what you most need in terms of keeping track of your bag. If you're mostly checking your bag and want to spend as little time in baggage claim as possible, for example, you'll probably want a bag that you can easily pick out even from a distance. If you're more concerned about keeping your bag distinct in the case of lost luggage, getting a distinctive superhero logo on the side will help keep track.


For Quick Trips

For carry-ons, think beyond just how much stuff you can pack in. If you're with a group, in particular, getting a distinct carry-on such as a superhero backpack can be a good way to help pick you out of a crowd if somebody in the group is lost. It's also useful on group trips where your bags will all be mixed together in the cargo area; being able to snag your pack and get the best bunk at the campsite is the ultimate travel superpower.