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Tablets For Being The DJ At Any Pool Party

Whether lounging solo or entertaining friends and family, you need a great playlist that can be controlled at the push of a button.

Gone are the days of cumbersome aux cords that limit your mobility and sometimes keep you distanced from the party. With a tablet, accessing music—or any media, for that matter—makes pool parties as exciting as ever and allows you to always stay engaged with the rest of the party. 

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A tablet that also integrates with your smart home will become your favorite tool. | Amazon

With Amazon's Alexa at your fingertips, you can figure out the name of that artist that's just at the tip of your tongue. On a more practical level, Alexa can help you adjust other electronics set up throughout your house and around your pool.

What makes tablets so great is versatility. With the snap of a keyboard they can be a laptop in a crunch. | Amazon

Typing on a touch screen can be more difficult than you think it would be. When the name of the game at pool parties is to keep the energy high, there's no time to waste looking for the next perfect song. Be as efficient as possible with an on-hand keyboard.

When your hands are full with ice cold beverages and grill tools, it helps to just shout, "Alexa, play 'Sister Christian'!" | Amazon

It's not always ideal to be using a touch screen when your fingers are dripping wet. So, when touch isn't an option, use your voice to take change the song, turn up the volume or pause to make an announcement.